Save Time and Money with Walmart Grocery Pickup (It's Finally Here!)

Today was one of those days that I wish that there were more of me. I had to take my lovely grandmother to a doctor's appointment in Omaha (50 miles away), bringing along my toddler and my 17-year-old daughter. We had to be home by 2pm. We were already so tired from a late night entertaining friends, and I needed milk and produce to complete my weekly meal plans.

While I usually love shopping at Walmart, this was not a day that I even wanted to deal with walking around the store and browsing. I knew exactly what I wanted and I just wanted to get it home! That's why I was super-thrilled to have planned ahead for my time in Omaha and place a Walmart Grocery order for pickup!

If you're not familiar, this pretty new service is rolling out in select stores nationwide. It lets you log into your online account pick your participating store, put items from the grocery, personal, and health departments into your cart, and schedule a time to pick them up!  I estimated when we would be done with the doctor's appointment, lunch, and other errands; then I selected a one-hour window for my order to be picked up.

We finished with our errands, and pulled into my Walmart parking lot, being certain to park in the assigned "pickup" slots. There was a number to call to let them know that I was there, so I did (even though I was about 10 minutes early for my time slot.) A friendly employee told me to sit tight and they would have it right out. Within a few minutes, someone arrived to my car to verify my order and have me sign for it. They confirmed the total (which would be charged to the card I had selected on my online account) and we were on our way!

The "pickup" parking stalls

Signing for my order
Walmart worker after delivering my groceries to my car!

How awesome did I feel? I had a tired grandma (who has a heart condition and sometimes gets too tired to walk around the store) and a sleeping toddler in a car seat. Not having to leave my car to get my groceries was SUCH a relief. We made record time getting home, and I was soon relaxing at my house with a full fridge of food and satisfaction that I saved on my groceries by just shopping my list.

I highly recommend you try the new Walmart Grocery pickup. I have been waiting for something to happen with shopping that made my life simpler. I think I found it! The service allows you to:

  • Order online. 
  • Get fresh food items selected by an expert team. (No yucky or damaged produce.)
  • Pay nothing extra. (There are no service fees and you pay the same everyday low prices found in stores).
Plus, for a limited time, get $10 off your order of $50 or more! See the website for details and find the store closest to you! 

As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I've received compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.  Links to shopping sites may be referral links.


  1. OH wow this sounds wonderful. Walmarting around with my toddler is madness sometimes! I'm gonna have to see if they have this option for my local store.

  2. It is quite brilliant! The law of parenthood says that your toddler WILL fall asleep by the time you get to Walmart. I hate waking them up and trying to have them get through a shopping trip tired. This is so much easier :)


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