Sunscreen for Kids: Which Brands are We Buying?

Baby, it's hot outside! (Well, maybe not quite yet. But the sun sure is shining!)

If you're skin is pale, pasty, or just begging to be protected, you definitely need to see some of the sunscreen products we've tried over the years. Since 2006, when we first started blogging, we've tried dozens. The following are still used by our family and get my personal seal of approval!


Keep kids protected during sports and at recess with the affordable and effective NO-AD suncare line. We keep a stick of the No-Ad Sport Sunscreen with SPF 50 in all the kids' bags to put on in a pinch. It's easy to apply by themselves, and it won't melt in the gym bag. It's fragrance free and non-irritating, so you can use it on your face, too.

Banana Boat SPF 30 Sport Lotion

I am always harping at my husband to protect his skin while working outside! He has a dark complexion and doesn't burn like I do, but I can already see signs of sun damage that could turn into a health problem later on. Because I love him (and he has 6 kids that need to keep him around a long time) we insist on sunscreen. The Banana Boat SPF 30 Sport Lotion isn't just great for kids at the pool, it's perfect for dads who sweat and get grimy during the course of their day. Staying put for hours is the sign of a good sunscreen!

Beyond Coastal

I like the Beyond Coastal brand, because it offers several different solutions for our families various needs.  They have a natural Kids 30+ SPF sunscreen that goes on very easily. My kids are used to wearing sunscreen, so they don't mind when I rub it into their arms and neck. For their face, I prefer to use the active stick that you twist up like a deodorant stick and rub on. (This is perfect for the top of their ears, too!) There is also a natural clear sunscreen that I prefer to use when I don't have access to a mirror (because who wants white residue embarrassing you!) Even if you have picky kids who are hard to track down, there is likely a product that will work for your sun protection needs!

Coppertone Water BABIES 

I'm always a huge fan of the Sunscreen Stick, a very easy-to-use (if your baby sits still) twist-up stick that goes on like a tube of chapstick to the areas of your child's face and ears that are difficult to get to (or would be impractical to coat with a spray product.) I put this on my little guy's ears, nose, and all the tiny areas of his face that I wanted to cover from the sun. It's colorless, mildly-scented, and provides 55 SPF protection. It's also soothing and waterproof. Toss this in your purse for anytime you need emergency protection for little people (works on Moms, too!)

Another product we tried was the Water BABIES Sunscreen Foaming Lotion, a nice alternative to those misting products that babies can breathe into their lungs. This reminds me of hair mousse, and dispenses as a light and airy foam that can easily be rubbed into baby's skin. It has an SPF 75+ and is mild for babies’ delicate skin.

With 8 people in our house, of various ages and skin needs, it's no surprise that we can have 5-6 different sunscreens in our cupboard and to-go bags at any one time. Have you tried any on our list? What product do you swear by?