Entertainment Picks: 4 Faith-Filled Summer Flicks for Families

Most of the shows we watched during the fall and spring are over now, and you probably were tiring of all the same type of stuff, anyway. If you need a fresh set of films to share with your family, something that will stir the soul and inspire a life of faith, you will definitely want to check out these!

Living Hope

I love a well-done documentary, and Living Hope is a feature-length film that documents 3 people who have chosen to spend their lives serving those with almost nothing and living in South Africa.  Follow Pastor John Thomas (someone truly dedicated to living through faith), Joey Lankford (a businessman who brings his savvy work skills -- and family to those who need it most), and Loenie Rustin (a single mom and nursing assistant who uses her own personal past struggles with addiction to get others on a path to healing and recovery) in this unique and inspirational film.

When Calls the Heart: Troubled Hearts

My family has always adored Janette Oke and her book series. The film versions of her stories are always lively and sincere -- perfect for watching on weekends! The When Calls the Heart: Trouble Hearts story finds several characters of the Hope Valley tales entangled in a bit of family-friendly drama, as Elizabeth chooses to move into her own house. Does she know that Lee has taken out a loan and that finances will be troubling? There are also rumors that could devastate Pastor Frank's reputation, and the young drifter Jesse threatens everyone with his plans to blackmail.


This movie is part thriller, part faith-based tale. After moving into a small rental house, a couple makes a discovery of recordings from a deceased blues singer from the 60's, and they literally haunt the new owners. Will the evil spirit tear the married couple apart? How can faith in God bring them back? Awakened is a nail-biter that grownups might enjoy.

Chasing Grace

When bad things happen do you blame others? The story of Chasing Grace asks just that as a pastor's family is ripped apart during the aftermath of a tragic accident. Can brothers ever trust again? Will grace be enough? Or is it important to know who is right and wrong?  This film is loosely based on true events and shows the important and power of forgiveness in a compelling way families will enjoy!

You can find these films where family videos are sold (or click the links in each description for a direct buy!)

*Samples received to review. Opinions are my own.