Get Your Mango Fix! New Eats at Qdoba This Summer

If you haven't been to Qdoba Mexican Eats®  lately, I may have a reason to convince you of going back. The summer treat, Mango Salsa, is back, smothering a few select dishes with that sweet and spicy goodness that says "hello, I'm summer!"

Full of the tropical fruit, cucumbers and red bells peppers, the salsa can be added to any of your favorite entrees at no additional cost, and there's more good news:  The Mango Salad is here, too!

With fire-grilled Adobo-marinated chicken on a bed of romaine lettuce, a pretty awesome and zesty cilantro-lime dressing and crispy tortilla strips, it's just begging to be topped with that mango salsa and eaten from that Qdoba famous edible bowl. It's pretty filling and big enough for even the craziest appetite!
Remember, no matter what you order, you can get your mango fix. Mango salsa is there for a limited time, though, so don't dilly-dally!

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*Mango dishes sampled. Opinions are my own.