Hope for the Future of STEM: Boys & Girls Club of America Launches My.Future

This post was sponsored by the Boys & Girls Club of America as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central.

You've probably heard the term "STEM" quite a bit recently. The terms stands for "science, technology, engineering, and math" and it has been identified as an important area of concentration for kids to learn and grow in. Since these subjects are often more challenging for kids, however, they can often be overlooked as an important core portion of their educational focus. That's why I'm so excited about what Boys & Girls Clubs have been doing!

For over 150, this organization has shown strong leadership for out-of-school time programming for kids. This is so important to communities, and research has shown that by exposing kids to STEM subjects and getting them excited about them as young people, they will go on to pursue these careers as adults! STEM jobs are expected to grow two times as fast as other fields by 2018, so you can see that preparing our kids now will lead to thriving communities and strong, self-sustaining families later down the road.

The after school and summer programs that Boys & Girls Club of America offers, as well as their engaging My.Future platform, give kids the chance to grow their minds in a way that will reward them for years to come!

See the video below to learn how this program has affected kids in a positive way over the last year!

Isn't it exciting to see how the kids feel loved and invested in via this program? The confidence they get, as well as cutting-edge digital skills, can go a long way toward propelling their dreams! I'm so pleased to see something like this for kids who may not have had the chance to learn this way via traditional routes.

Right now, I have three kids who are very interested in future STEM careers. My 12-year-old wants to get into computer programming and design; we encourage him to learn as much as he can about these subjects, while making sure he has strong math skills. I also have a child who is very mechanically-inclined and explores how he might possibly be an engineer someday. As you can see, kids are automatically very curious and love to explore. What the My.Future platform does is take something very natural in kids (their need to learn) and focuses it on things that will truly help them someday!

Do you have kids who express natural inclinations toward the STEM subjects? Even if they don't, they can benefit from a well-rounded education beyond the classroom with extracurriculars and after-school programs designed to nurture their talents and gifts.

I encourage you to take a look at the My.Future website, explore what the Boys & Girls Club of America have to offer, and see how they can make a difference for a child in your life!