Review of LearnBop for Families Subscription

My boys have been using the summer to catch up on math. We've been trying LearnBop as a way to practice math with their LearnBop for Families subscription!

What is LearnBop?
While it's been available for K-12 schools for some time, they have now started offering a home-based learning module for families and homeschoolers! The online program challenges kids in a number of grade-appropriate learning activities that measure student's understanding of math concepts and encourages them to master the skills before moving on to the next level. Every time a kid gets one of these challenges correct, they get a "bop".

But unlike some programs, there is learning built-in, as well. The adaptive program can see what your child knows (and doesn't know) and then has the option to offer step-by-step guidance to help them learn and work through their difficult areas.

We started with our son Matthias, who is 11 and loves math but struggles in areas like word problems. Since his reading isn't at level, we were worried as to how he would do with this program. Fortunately, we were able to set him on path of learning for his grade level or a math subject. We chose the math subject and had him do some categories that he would feel more comfortable with before moving him on to the word problems.

Right away, LearnBop identified that Matthias needed extra help in some areas. It showed him some strategic ways to tackle the problems via videos, then gave him lots of opportunity to practice before allowing him to master it and move on.

As he mastered problems, he got "bops". Collecting bops gave him confidence and also a visual indication of how far he had come. It was a great encouragement!

LearnBop is a good tool for playing "catch-up" or addressing issues with your children. I think it can also be a fun way to be introduced to new or tricky concepts that they may want to explore further. If you have kids with strengths and weakness that have yet to be identified, it takes some of the guesswork out of what's going on with them, too. It seems like a good summer tool for diagnosing potential areas of improvement before the new school year starts!

I also like that the parent dashboard shows you lots of information at a glance. There are no tricky reports (although you can drill down to more detailed info), but rather a snapshot view that helps you see just where your student is at any given time. Here is a sample dashboard view after my son had used the program to start a new roadmap:

I really liked how easy it was to go from parent to student, as well. You can simply click on "Turn it over to Matthias" and it will confirm before logging in as him. When you have so many passwords to remember, this is an added convenience that busy parents can appreciate!

Learn more about LearnBop at their website and on their social media channels. You can find them on Facebook and Twitter. (LearnBop also has charitable component. For every subscription purchased, one will be donated to the GO Project!)