Review of Productive Homeschooling (formerly ProSchool Membership

Notebooking has gotten quite a reputation as a way to help kids learn a variety of subjects in the homeschool environment. I like how flexible it can be, and how it can encourage curiosity and exploration on a variety of subjects. That's why I was happy to review Productive Homeschooling (formerly ProSchool Membership for my kids.

What exactly is notebooking? To put it simply, it's the process of making pages about any number of subjects and organizing them into a folder or notebook. It's really that simple. You can have your children do a study on anything under the sun (including the sun) and have them write stories, color pictures, take notes, or do other activities, which can be all organized into a folder for display or recordkeeping.

Productive Homeschooling has such a great array of topics to learn about. Some of the ones we were most impressed with included Wildflowers, Weeds, and Garden downloads, as well as anatomy! There were some blank experiment and science recording sheets that we used for documenting our own garden progress. My husband had the kids recording rainfall, Ph, and more. The handy sheets worked well with our custom unit study and made keeping things organized a very easy task.
(Note: Some of the notebooks are HUGE. The garden one we worked on was hundreds of pages! You may find that printing off just a section at a time is more convenient.)
Once you join the site, you'll get lots of advice on how to make notebooking an integral (and most importantly, valuable) part of your homeschool. I received an email right away with steps towards integration. One thing that helped was getting a list of supplies needed for each notebook we would create. They recommended the following:

  • One 3-ring binder for each child and yourself.
  • Self-adhesive reinforcement labels for the 3-holes on your notebooking pages OR sheet protectors for each sheet
  • Colored pencils, crayons, scissors, glue, etc.

Of course, you'll need printer paper to print out each activity, too. As you can see, this is an affordable way to learn, as most people have these supplies or can get them easily.
Then there is the process. If you're not used to making these, it can be quite confusing at first. Luckily, there is a HUGE member support section on the site to help you. And there are those emails that walk you through it every step of the way!  You'll be off to making your first notebook in no time, and the kids can make infinite notebooks with the blank page templates provided on the site. Or you can choose any of the really neat subjects provided, as well.
Sign up for Productive Homeschooling between May 1st and May 10th, and save $22 per year!

ProSchool Membership - Productive Homeschooling 

I think you'll find this resource to be an amazing way to build a love of learning in your homeschool. Be sure to check out the full website for details on membership, as well as Facebook.