Review of Subscription from Veritas Press

We have been using Veritas Press as a resource for our online and offline homeschool courses for years now. I have always been super impressed with the quality of their teaching, and as a delighted Omnibus devotee, I was happy to be able to review the subscription from their company, as well.

The site is similar to the yearly online Bible self-paced courses that they offer, but the subscription model allows parents to pay a monthly fee to access several courses at once. You can also have more than one child going through the courses at a time. For us, this was an obvious advantage, as we usually have 3 children taking the online elementary Bible courses at any one time in our house. They usually move through the courses quickly, making it very convenient and affordable to implement the subscription model. While it doesn't offer the same letter-type grading system as the individual online self-paced courses, we find that it meets our needs perfectly, and at a great price!

What are the courses like? If you haven't taken a VP self-paced or online live course before, you'll be pleasantly surprised. The courses are presented as historical characters (filmed as real-life kids dressed up in the clothing of the Biblical period being taught) have everyday dialogue and present relatable situations, all while discussing and teaching the principles and historical importance of the Old and New Testament. Right away, kids get a lesson in the days of creation and the first five books of the bible.

After the information is presented, kids are given a "soft" quiz that feels like a game. They are asked to fill in the blanks, click and drag answers, or sing a song to reinforce what they have learned.

What age is the program for? I have used it successfully with my 1st grader who is reading slightly (with a little help from me) all the way up to my 6th grader. The questions are challenging enough to engage older kids, but the fun presentation makes it appealing to young learners, too. In short, there's nothing preventing you from having it as a staple for all of your K-6 learners.

As I've said before, we have been very loyal customers of the Veritas Press products and services over the years. In fact, I purchase their rewards club membership every year, as it entitles me to shipping discounts, coupon codes, and points toward future purchases. If you like what you see at, and would like to try some of their traditional courses and materials (their print catalog is a fantastic source of information on what kids should be reading at each grade level), this is a very economical way to save over the course of a homeschool year.

You can learn more about the course at their website, but I also encourage you to check them out on social media. I have always used their Facebook page when I have had questions about any products or services over the years, and they are quick to respond this way. See them also on Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter