6 Ideas for a Late Summer and Early Fall Lawn or Garden

It's hot outside, but that doesn't mean you can't freshen up the yard with a few beautiful flowers or something fun in the garden! My local store still has some really neat things in the lawn and garden center, and even if you missed getting what you wanted from their spring offerings, there is still time to consider fall planting items.

Here are a few of the things that have done really well for us:

1. Elephant Ears. These are so pretty, and they come up very quickly after planting. If you need to fill space until perennials can take root, you'll want to pop a few of these in the ground and watch them grow!

2. Ground cover plants. While they only last a short while, they can quickly fill in the gaps in your planters, cover ugly bare spots in the yard, or even make something beautiful out of a conversation piece, like this wheelbarrow we fill every year. They start out so small, but can soon grow to cover a big area!

3. A "faux" fence. This fence doesn't keep anything out, but it was put together using some fencing pieces and painted with a very good exterior paint and primer. The climbing vines and lillies really pop against it!

4. Asparagus. While you won't enjoy it for 2-3 years after planting, putting some roots into the ground in late summer/early fall will put you one season ahead. And young, tender asparagus on the table sooner is never a bad thing.

5. Sand. Adding a little to the top of your garden can help with drainage and aeration issues. Snag some bags now and mix into the topsoil for a better fall garden and good luck next spring!

6. Play set upgrades. The Little Tikes picnic table makeover we did years ago is still our most popular Walmart Moms post. And the table was a great way to take the old toy from summer to fall. My kids have gotten a lot of use out of this item since we remodeled it.

These are just a few of the many projects we have going on right now. We are also cleaning and maintaining our mowers, trimmers, and clippers and making sure our pool is clean and functioning well.  We will also need to have lots of wood stacked and ready to go for our wood stove this winter.

And we also plan on giving this old windmill a facelift with some Krylon paint.

With temps in the 100's and many weeks left of our summer here in Nebraska, there is no letting up, but we can still plan ahead for new things.

What fun projects are you working on in your lawn and garden?