Comic Book College Dorm Trends are Available for This Fall!

If you have a son or daughter going off to college, you are probably already doing the painful math on how much it will cost to go -- especially if they will be living on campus. Since kids are especially conscious of trends, it's possible to put more toward dorm room decor than any other college spending category!

As a mom who appreciates style, but also understands a great value, I took at look at my local At Home store to see what trends we could incorporate in a college dorm room, without forgetting our budget.  

With thousands of options for furniture, rugs, clocks, wall decor, bedding, kitchen gadgets, and more, we found that it was hard to narrow down just one "look". Our local store had several displays set up for us to use as inspiration, however, and it really helped! They also had printouts of the basics that all college students need as an easy shopping list to check off as you shopped. (You can download that same checklist to review before you shop!)

I was immediately taken by a comic themed selection of items that could work for any fanboy or fangirl's dorm room. (It would even work great for a teenagers bedroom or a comic-obsessed grown-up!) Here is how we incorporated it into a look for my daughter's college dorm room. Pictures below are of her bedroom as we figured out how it will all look come fall!

Items we found that I just loved included this plush throw pillow:

This pretty awesome "book" that's actually a storage box:

Another storage box with a latch for keeping jewelry, keepsakes, and other treasures:

We finished the look with a clock that can be set on a desk or hung on the wall. What do you think of our selection? (Did I mention that we bought all of the items for under $60?)

If comic book isn't your theme, you can be assured that there is no limit to the number of ideas you can purchase for at your local At Home store. Here is just one that we saw upon entering our store. Other ideas include steam punk (just buy a selection of metallic items, old book displays, or "gear" themed decor), pink and posh, tropical, cafe, or even Americana! There is sure to be a style that suits your college-destined son or daughter. Bring them along and let them shop for best results (or better yet, snag a gift card for them to use before school starts in the fall!)

*I am participating in this At Home blog tour as part of a promotional program with At Home and MomSelect. Compensation has been received, but opinions are my own.