Keeping Smooth Breakfast Routines with Simply Orange Low Acid Juice

Breakfast can be a hectic affair at the Knerl House. Why? Well, there are 8 of us. Also, everyone seems to want their own kind of breakfast. We've made things a bit more simple by giving lots of healthy choices for the kids to assemble their own breakfasts, and pairing them with a big glass of O.J!

Since not everyone likes the acidity that orange juice can bring (and I find the pulp annoying), I was happy to learn about the new Simply Orange Low Acid. This 100%, pure-squeezed orange juice has no pulp. It's also full of calcium, but lower in acid. It's just our kind of juice! And, like all Simply Orange products, it's never sweetened, not from concentrate, and has no additional preservatives, colors, or flavors!

When things get very frantic, we prefer to take our breakfast out of doors. A nice set up at the picnic tables gives us a chance to enjoy the cool summer mornings here in Nebraska, catch a little fresh air, and listen to the birds!

So what yummy things do we offer for the kids to put on their breakfast plates? Here are our favorites:
  • granola or another "cluster" cereal that can be picked up with your fingers
  • fresh fruit (melon, cherries, and bananas)
  • eggs (hard-boiled are our favorite)
  • whole-wheat toast with homemade cherry jam or nut butter
  • cheese sticks
  • yogurt tubes
Moses did his best to put together a balanced breakfast by picking choices that were easy to eat with his fingers (no washing forks!) and that were good for him, too. Washing it down with a glass of the Simply Orange Low Acid just made sense.

Moses commented that the juice tasted great! No bitter taste, and no pulp to stick in his braces!

You can find the Simply Orange Low Acid at stores that sell the Simply Orange products nationwide. Look for it in the fridge section of your grocer (next to the milk!)

Want to know more about how Simply Orange is making breakfasts better for busy families? Check them out on
Facebook and their website!

*This post is sponsored by Simply Orange, but we love the juice and all opinions are our own!