Naturally-Cured Bacon you Can Take Anywhere: Chef's Cut Real Jerky

Bacon is one of those flavor profiles that people go crazy over. And why not? It's pretty awesome, and it can be customized with seasonings for a very unique experience. So what could I say when I was offered the chance to to try Uncured Bacon Jerky from Chef's Cut Real Jerky? YES, please!

We sampled a big "bouquet" of different flavors in time for Father's Day. I presented it to my husband, and he promptly began handing out the packages for everyone to try. We sampled three kinds:

  • Maple - This was sugary sweet, almost candied. My kids liked this one, as it had no spicy flavor, and was very mild.
  • Applewood - Smoky and full of big, bold, black pepper flakes, this was a chewy bold treat that we think might have been the best of all three.
  • Siracha - Bacon with a kick! The older boys and my hubby really adored this one.

The jerky, which is made from premium pork and smoked to perfection to cure naturally (without icky chemicals) is now a go-to snack for my family. We recently brought a bunch along on a long car ride, and it was perfect for breakfast, lunch, or snacks!

Find out more about the Chef's Cut Real Jerky products at their website (they have more than just pork.) Or check them out on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

*Samples received to review. Opinions are my own.