5 Days of Homeschooling 101: Day Five - Encouragement

5 Days of Homeschool 101
It's the final day of the Schoolhouse Review Crew's Blog Hop, and it's my favorite topic: Encouragement! I believe that you can have all the new books, study aides, activities, and plans, but -- without encouragement -- it can be a very hard road to homeschool.
So, what do I recommend for those seeking out encouragement? Here are my best tips for a spectacular homeschool career.
1. Find Family. This one is easier for some than others. With families a varied and scattered as they are these days, you may not have a favorite aunt or even a cousin who understands or approves of your homeschool decision. But it may be that you can find an "adoptive" homeschool family that can encourage and mentor you. See who you can get in touch with in your church or community who you can form a mentor partnership with. Sometimes, just meeting for a cup of coffee once every couple of weeks is all you need. 

2. Seek experts. I have found there are many self-proclaimed "experts" out there, hoping to make money with their advice to homeschoolers. Some are great. Others.. not so much. Once you have defined what your mission is in your homeschool, it can be easier to find encouragement from the right expert.  Who do I recommend? I'm a huge fan of Andrew Pudewa, who shares research on the brain and learning, especially as it relates to boys. And the legal advice from the HSLDA can't be beat! 

3. Read books. Some of the my favorite, encouraging pieces of advice have come from books. I can't say enough about my most prized reads, which currently include Home Learning Year by Year and The Simple Homeschool Book (which contains our family's homeschool story!)

4. Seek the Lord. If you're like me, you probably came to homeschooling at the urging of Holy Spirit. (I know it wasn't from my family or friends -- who were largely NOT supportive of our beginning efforts.) Rest assured that, if God wanted you to homeschool, He won't abandon you. The same Creator who put the mission of a family-based education into your heart will also give you the means to see it done by your hands.

Do you need additional encouragement? Comment here, or head over to our Facebook page! May you have a blessed homeschool year! And check out the other bloggers from The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew who have shared their thoughts on curriculum, via the linky below and this post.


  1. May not be what you expected one to get out of this but the word "career" jumped out at me. While I do consider this my job, I have not often considered it my career. Definitely a different feel to that word and that is an encouragement to push forward doing something that is important in the lives of my children. - Lori

  2. These are really good! I love listening to Andrew Pudewa as well. He certainly doesn't just talk about writing. And I've learned lots of really good things from him!


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