Celebrate All Kinds of Animal Fun with Parragon!

We live on a farm, so it's no surprise that my kids love animals. And while 50 chickens, 4 geese, 2 turkeys, 2 dogs, and 2 cats provide quite a bit of learning and entertainment, discovering new facts about animals is a fun hobby for my boys. With some of the titles we were sent to review from Parragon this month, I couldn't believe how much they could learn -- and they had fun doing it, too.

The first item my kids noticed was the 2000 Stickers Animals. It was full of activities, and -- of course -- sheets and sheets of stickers. My kids are crazy for stickers. Now, I just need to make sure they only put them where they should. (No stickers on the walls.)

There was also a neat Spot a Lot Animals Storybook and 2-in-1 Jigsaw Puzzle. This was perfect for keeping kids busy a long time, because they had to read the book before they could color and then do the puzzle. It's a great way to encourage learning play on days when they would be bored or want to watch TV.

What did we enjoy most? While the Zootopia Happy Tin was a fave (it included everything you needed to create some great work in a collectible movie tin), we also really liked the Factivity On-the-Go Animal Kingdom pack. This had lots of facts about animals and ideas for learning. They are easy to take with you, too. (My kids take them in their backpacks for car rides.)

Finally, my children really liked the Factivity 4-in-1: Safari Animals pack. This had the most activities of any of the kids, and it was designed for kids 5 and up, so my 6-year-old went bonkers asking if he could dive into it. Like some of the other packs, there was reading, coloring, and puzzles, but this was a bigger puzzle. The 54-piece puzzle was double -sided, so it was quite the project!

Finally, there was a sweet picture book based on everyone's favorite Disney deer: Bambi! If your kids are unfamiliar with the story, this is a great way to introduce it to them. Even if they already love the film, it makes a great piece for your Disney collection.

As usual, we were impressed with the quality of the Parragon items we received. They seemed to have thought of everything! For a very busy and large family, like ours, I can see many busy and fruitful hours spent with our Parragon books and kits.

I received these books to review for free, but opinions are our own. Find out more info on the qualify line of children's products at the Parragon website!