Cosmos Creations: A New Way to Popcorn

Ever since my son Moses, got braces on his teeth, it's been a discouraging experience trying to find snack foods that are delicious and don't mess up his dental work. Since popcorn is a favorite snack -- especially during our weekly movie nights -- we were beyond thrilled to be sent some samples of Cosmos Creations.

What is Cosmos Creations? A delicious way to much, this product is premium puffed corn, without hulls or kernels. The amazingly yummy selection of flavors is what really got our attention. There's something for the sweet and savory lovers, and they taste even better mixed up!

The flavors we tried included:

Caramel Apple Crisp - This was a lightly coated caramel corn with a hint of apple. Super sweet!

Salted Caramel - One of the more traditional flavors, this was an indulgent treat for everyone.

Coconut Crunch - This was my personal fave. It was a light caramel with coconut essence. I really, really appreciated how unique and flavorful it was.

Sea Salt & Butter - This easily replaced our buttered popcorn fix. Pair it with the caramel for a sweet/savory mix.

Spicy Sriracha - Yes, this had a kick! My spicy-loving family members shared this between themselves.

Cheddar & Pepper - My 2nd favorite, it was very rich, cheesy, and had a pop of black pepper. A little goes a long way!

One more thing about how amazing this product line is: It uses organic coconut oil, no high-fructose corn syrup, and is gluten free using no GMO corn.  If you really worry about what you feed your families these days, Cosmos Creations can help you snack without stress.

I also loved that there was a Bible verse on the back of the bags. The Junction City, Oregon-based Cosmos Creations is committed to using natural ingredients and bettering our world. With product that's pretty much excellent in quality, I find it to be heavenly!

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*Yummy samples received to review. Opinions are my own.