New Disney's The Jungle Book Educational Guide for Homeschoolers

Two very exciting things happened today. 

1) Our homeschool started in full session. We picked up the pace with our studies and got all the kids going with at least 4 subjects this semester (yay!) Micah has been getting techie with writing code for his new Raspberry Pi 2, and little Marcus is happily embarking on 1st grade curriculum choices that we worked hard to make just right for him. The rest of the kids are also enjoying the start of the year, although it will take me some adjusting to get used to all the activity.

2) The Jungle Book (Disney's latest amazing adventure) is out on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD (as well as Disney Movies Anywhere, which is a must if you have kids who view on the tablet, like I do.) Not only is this exciting for parents who want a very awesome flick to watch with the kids, but it means a whole bunch of questions from the little ones about the jungle.

Luckily, we are prepared with this educational guide based on the film. Just click below to download. I think you'll find it really well done and a great way to take your kids from movie to classroom -- whether you homeschool (like us) or just have little brainiac kids who are always wanting to learn stuff.


What is your favorite part of homeschool each new year? And do you incorporate films into the classroom like we do? (If not, you should consider it. I am always impressed with how they can hold the kids' attention and get them to do more challenging work that might not be as interesting without a movie to jump-start that natural curiosity.)

Happy New School Year!