Review of the Echo Max Rumbler Radio Controlled (RC) Car

This week, we have a couple of really fun toys to tell you about. We were sent them to review, and my boys couldn't have been more thrilled. First, we were able to try out the Echo Max Rumbler Radio Controlled Car.

This. Was. Awesome.

The Max Rumbler RC vehicle has HUGE tires that help it flip, flop, race, and bounce. This is truly one of the cars you need for active boys who like to drive RC's off homemade ramps. It's durable and super fun.

Check out our quick clip below of just a few seconds of play. I was so surprised that you can get this toy for under $20 at Walmart! I know of NO quality RC toy that takes a beating like this that you can get even close to on price!

It comes in 2 colors, and has 2 bands of frequency so that you can buy one of each and race each-other! There are cool LED lights on the car, and you can perform a minimum of 8 stunts (more if you're kids are nuts like mine and make up imaginary stunts.) We have already decided that these will make great gifts for under the tree, because they are that high-quality and that affordable.

Find them at Walmart and Because they have great big wheels, super traction, and are well-made, you will not be disappointed!

* We received a sample to review. No additional compensation was received. Opinions are our own.