The One Family Gardening Tool You Shouldn't Forget: Water

School is back in session for many, but my boys are still hard at work each day in the family garden. We have been balancing a light homeschool schedule with the pressing needs of our dozens of green bean, tomato, cucumber, and squash and pumpkin plants. My middle son Matthias has been the most interested of all the boys, often getting up before everyone else to pick the new veggies that have set on overnight!

While there are lots of must-haves that can help kids do a safe job in the garden, not one is as important as water. With the temps rising in the 90's by noon, it's always my job as a mom to make sure they go out to work in the right clothing, and carry some water with them! That's why we were very happy to have MAVEA sponsor this conversation today!

Matthias with his cucumber harvest

When the entire family works together, I make sure to bring our MAVEA 10-cup pitcher. If I fill it up the night before, and set it in the fridge overnight, it's ready-to-go with cold, filtered water that can fill up many glasses as we work. The set up for this pitcher (and all the MAVEA products) is super simple. A little time under running water and the filter is ready to go. No need to soak!

If it's just my husband, I usually send him out with the MAVEA 5.5-cup carafe. It holds enough clean water to keep him hydrated during a longer day of working on tractors, pulling weeds, or even cleaning out the workshop.

I love that both products have a filter indicator on the top to let me know when its time to change the filtration pod!

And if just one kid is working -- like my dedicated Matthias -- I send him out with the MAVEA 20-ounce water bottle.

It filters just as well as the larger products, but is perfect or one. It has a flip-top to keep the drinking surface clean from dirt and dust, and is easy to drink through!

What a different some water makes!

MAVEA's entire line of products is family-friendly, easy to maintain and clean, and work well to keep filtered water at your side, wherever you work and play! They are available nationwide at stores like Amazon and Target, and the MicroDisc Filtration System inside of all their products feature a filter smaller than a drink coaster that provides 50% more filtered water than other brands!

The best part? The filters are the same, no matter what product you use. So a pack of filters can be used for your BPA-free, shatter-resistant AND dishwasher-safe carafe, pitcher or personal water bottle!

Be sure to check out all three products at their website. You can also follow MAVEA on social media: Facebook and Twitter

*Compensation and produce received. Opinions are my own.