Captain America: Civil War on Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital Now!

My family saw Captain America: Civil War in the theaters when it came and – and, let me tell you – it was quite the ride! With all of your favorite Avengers (and the addition of new characters to the movies, such as Ant-Man and Spider-Man) there was plenty of big-screen action to watch. And while the experience wore me out a little (it was really intense), the kids were cheering and jumping up and down in their seats. Even my littlest one was totally captivated by Cap and friends.

Now, we have the chance to won this film forever, as part of the Blu-Ray, DVD, and digital combo. Released, its’ one that we had to have for our collection. As someone who really enjoyed this in the theaters, I loved the quality of the Blu-ray edition. The special bonus features added another feature-length showing of fun to our otherwise-boring weekend, as well. And, as a mom who has kids who are completely careless with DVD’s, I love that we get the digital copy and can enter the code into our Disney Movies Everywhere account to get points towards merchandise and goodies, too.

If you missed Civil War in theaters, you do not have to despair. I think I liked the home version better, as we could watch it with a few breaks (it’s a bit longer than most films) and we got access to all of those special features, too!

Get your copy where movies or sold or!

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