Review of CHSH Download Club from

Often times, we get in the position where we need a break from our daily routine, want to supplement our curriculum, or head down a "rabbit trail", where we want to further explore something that we learned about in our day-to-day curriculum. CHSH Download Club from is a resource that valuable to our education, and something that I'm happy to add to my homeschool routine.

With over 50,000 pages of educational material to access at any time, I was so impressed with the range of ideas and resources. It really did cover almost every subject or topic you could imagine, from history, to reading and phonics, to math practice, to science. I immediately was drawn to the subjects that we felt had some "gaps" in them currently, and printed out some activities for the kids to do during the times when I needed to work at my desk and they needed to stay busy. (Note: I don't believe in "busy" work. If the kids need to work quietly to stay engaged, the work should be meaningful. This resource gave me plenty of things to choose from.)

How did we use this with our kids? I used it with all but the 12th grader. For us, I identified a few areas where I knew they needed practice and went from there.

For Micah (my 8th grader), I decided he could use a geography refresher. State capitals was what I chose to have him review with some printables.

For Matthias (my 5th grader), I knew that he could always use phonics practice. As a struggling reader, I found some different reading comprehension exercises for him to do on his own during the day. They were a good break from the same ol' literature reviews that he enjoyed, but often grew tired of doing.

For Moses, I decided to have him practice some grammar. He is in the 4th grade, but very advanced in reading. His writing is very uninspired. I like that the calendar gives me ideas for writing prompts for him.

For Marcus, almost anything in the Kindergarten section is enjoyable for him. He loves school!

I think that this resource can be a little overwhelming at first. While it is organized very well, there is so much materials, that you can't possibly know what all you might be able to use. The emails as such an important part of how I use the site; signing up gives me alerts for when new resources are posted, and the Monthly Learning Packs are great!

Each month, I get an email with a grade-based "package" of printables with a theme for the month. In September, I got one for 1st grade, for example, that I could use with Marcus. It contained 226 worksheets in all categories of learning. They were adorable, well-made, and comprehensive. I really think that this could be a standalone learning unit, if you wanted to take a break from your regular curriculum, too!

Learn more about this exciting resource for home teachers at their website. You can also fin them on their Facebook GroupFacebook PageTwitterPinterestGoogle+ GroupGoogle Business Page,   Linked-In, and Tumblr.