Review of Dr. Eureka and Fast Flip from Blue Orange Games

Do your kids love games? Ours sure do. And when I find that they need a break from screen time, we get into our big game closet and look for games that are engaging and educational. Some of our faves have always been from Blue Orange games, including the two newest in our collection that they sent us to review: Dr. Eureka and Fast Flip!

Dr. Eureka is by far now one of our best-loved activities. The set up is nothing, you can learn it in minutes, and it's really appropriate for all ages. Simply give everyone their test tubes and identical assortments of color balls (particles). Then pick a card and try to be the first one to get your particles in the right order in the test tubes without actually touching the particles.

It's a fun game that you can win if you have a knack for creative thinking and a steady hand! Designed for kids a bit older, my 6-yer-old can play this game with a bit of help. It's also our favorite game to bring to family holidays and get-togethers.

The second game, Fast Flip, is a great travel game, because it all fit nicely inside a little tin you can take anywhere.

Any kid that can recognize fruit and numbers can play this! It's highly addictive, and we really like that you can match the fruits to the numbers many ways, and that it's fast fast paced! The way the cards are distributed guarantees that there is always one right answer. When you don't have time for complicated rules or board set up, this is the game you want to get out to play!

See all of  Blue Orange Games at their website, or check them out on Facebook and Twitter. Or see our review of Battle Sheep (another great game they make).

*Samples received to review. Opinions are our own.