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School has started, and I admit that it's been a little crazy here. While we do have some amazing core curriculum choices, there are times we need something extra to enrich our studies or give the kids purposeful busy work. We have been supplementing our studies with worksheets from the Help Teaching Pro Subscription from

We've reviewed this in the past, as you may remember. But with kids of all ages in our home, we were asked to revisit this service with a focus on the younger grades. My 6-year-old Marcus is in the 1st grade, and he is all about the worksheets. This service has been invaluable to keeping him busy doing good things throughout the day (as opposed to wasting time watching TV or playing video games.)

What will you get with the Pro Subscription? Lots! Here is what we love the most:

There are activities across many different age and ability ranges. You don't have to stick with the recommended "grade" level for any child. If they excel at math, you can choose activities that challenge them. If they struggle with handwriting, you can slow down and do extra work from grades below. It's so flexible. Do what works for you and your child!

The array of topics is pretty impressive, too. From language arts to math to science, there is a little bit of everything. I really enjoy that, for each lesson or activity, they give you an estimated amount of time needed to complete. So, if you only have a few minutes, you can steer clear of a 30 minute task, or you can look at ways to break it up over several short sessions. All of the features of the site are designed to be a helpful partner in your homeschool classroom by helping you plan -- even if you do things on the fly, like I do.

There are lots of short, interactive lessons, as well, from sites like Khan Academy and Bozeman Science. We had fun looking at amphibian vocabulary words, then a video, and finally taking a short comprehension quiz -- all from the HelpTeaching web browser. There really is the potential to go in any number of directions with your learning. You can choose to explore a topic you are already learning about in your curriculum, or ask your child what they are interested in and research that way. My opinion is that, no matter what you're learning, as long as the child is engaged, it is never wasted time!

I love that this works so well in most browsers, is easy to navigate, and can be used to "assign" things to kids. Right now, we just use it together as a last-minute supplement, but you can develop an entire lesson plan out of it, if you wanted to plan ahead.

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