Review of Jay Franco & Sons Spider-Man ZippySack

*Thanks to Jay Franco & Sons for sponsoring today's post! Opinions are our own.

My 6-year-old Marcus has had a hard time at night, lately. He is too big to sleep with a sibling, but he really gets scared sleeping alone. We had the chance to review the ZippySack Spider-Man Twin Size this month, and I was hoping that it would motivate him to try to sleep alone.

The product, which you may have seen on TV, is a very plushy, fleece blanket that is actually made like a fitted sheet. It goes on top of your sheets, however, and acts as a blanket that doesn't move off of the bed. The way it's formed, your child really doesn't have to do anything to make the bed each day, and it keeps them tucked in and snug all night.

The blanket zips down on one side to help them get in and out, and there is also a neat built-in pocket (my son's favorite part.) He uses it to store pens and notebooks, because he likes to draw at night when he has a hard time falling asleep.

Marcus figured out right away how easy this product is when he took his first afternoon nap with it. He got in, zipped himself up, and dozed off. I didn't have to worry about him kicking off blankets, and he kept from rolling all over the bed. A nice perk of the ZippySack is that it actually helped keep him in one place. The snug fit wasn't too tight, but kept him feeling secure.

You can find this product in Walmart stores nationwide, and I really think it's a good way to have a made bed at all times and also give kids a warm, snug sleeping experience. Plus, who doesn't love Spider-Man?

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