Review of Super Wubble - A Super Fun way To Play!

*Thanks to Super Wubble for sponsoring our conversation on one of my kids' favorite ways to play! Opinions are our own.

My kids knew all about the Super Wubble when we got it to review this month. I had never heard of it. Upon getting it out of the package, however, I knew that we were in for a unique play experience.

Super Wubble is a very large, inflatable play ball. It feels squishy and gooey, but it not messy. It blows up like a bubble or balloon, but stretches and bounces like a very flexible ball! We followed the directions to inflate it and spent the afternoon letting the kids have fun in the grassy part of our yard.

How easy was it to set up? At first, I'll admit, I had issues getting the pump needle in just the right place to let air enter the ball. The kit includes petroleum jelly to help with this, but the ball is SO squishy, that I had a hard time getting the needle fully inserted. It helps to look at the needle placement from outside the ball (the walls of the ball are transparent). Once you see that the needle has penetrated the membrane and is fully inside, you can start blowing up the ball with no problem. The pump uses batteries (not included) but takes just a few minutes to fully inflate the ball (no more than 30 inches, please.)

The kids had a blast with their Super Wubble. 

Even though the ball is tough, we were careful to keep it in the grassy part of our yard. We live on a farm, so there is no shortage of sharp things that could puncture the ball (fences, trees, even chickens.) They played for a very long time with no issues. When they brought the ball in after letting it get to close to a sharp fence, the ball had a hole in it, but surprisingly was still inflated. We used one of the two included patches to cover the hole and they were playing again in no time.

This is a great toy for birthday parties, backyard events, or anytime you want hysterically active play. My boys ages 3 - 13 all played together with it, and I had a good time watching!

Get the Super Wubble and watch your kids have a blast playing again!

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