5 Steps to Kid-Friendly Brushing with hello

If I told you how long it takes for all of my kids to brush every morning and night, you may not believe me. It's quite the ruckus on most days, with the younger ones wanting to get out of it, and the older ones hogging the sink. We've gotten to a pretty reasonable routine now, but it wasn't without much tweaking. Hello oral care products has sponsored me to tell you all about it!

There are some things that we absolutely must do with each child to ensure a "kid-friendly" and thorough brushing experience. They are:

1. Demonstrate. Kids don't really get how brushing works unless you show them. My husband has often done demonstrations for the younger (and older ones), making a note of the four quadrants of the mouth and how they must each be attended to. Up-down, circles, whatever your preferred method, kids don't get it unless they see it!

2. Explain. Do you want to know what motivates kids? Knowledge. Yep, they really do follow through on brushing when you explain why they need to brush and also what might happen if they don't. It's not necessary to freak them out, but we often tell the kids "You only have to brush the teeth you want to keep." They get it.

3. Supply. Kids can't brush without good tools. One of the ways we make sure that everyone has a good brushing experience is to make sure there is an ample supply of the right brushes, pastes, flosses, and more in an area they can access. In addition to colorful hello toothbrushes, we have a small drawer with three kinds of toothpaste. We offer:

  • Extra Whitening Pure Mint Fluoride Toothpaste for my husband and myself
  • Kid’s Bubble Gum or Blue Raspberry Fluoride Toothpastes for the kids ages 3 and up
  • Kid’s Natural Watermelon Fluoride Free and SLS Free Toothpaste for the little guy (since he still likes to "suck" toothpaste off the brush and swallow it.)

4. Count. My kids all know that 2-minutes is the minimum required time to brush. 30 seconds per quadrant. For the older ones, they may brush longer.

5. Accommodate. Not everyone will have the same dental needs, and that is OK. My son with braces uses a special water toothbrush and pick with the hello toothpaste in the morning, and then a hello toothbrush with the hello toothpaste at night. This makes it easy for him to tackle his problems head on, but he can also have some flexibility, too. The hello toothbrush works really well between meals for him, even though he has a prescribed tool for the first day's brushing. He gets to be like the rest of the kids in the evenings when everyone is brushing with their hello toothbrushes!

In addition to the brush and paste, we have fallen in love with the hello mouthspray. They are super minty and not harsh or burning. And, like the rest of the hello line, they are made as natural as they can be without dyes, artificial sweeteners, triclosan, microbeads, or parabens.

If you have a wide age range of kids in your house, you will definitely want to try our tips and check out the hello products. With flexible options for all brushers, you'll be happy that their fluoride toothpaste prevents cavities and strengthens enamel, and their fluoride free pastes with aloe vera and xylitol removes plaque.

And for my green friends, rejoice in the fact that hello products are made with thoughtfully sourced ingredients and their boxes are made with 100% recycled paper and printed with soy inks. hello products are globally sourced and made right here in the USA!

Find the kids toothpastes at Walmart stores nationwide, and the hello toothpastes at an always-expanding list of select Walmart stores.  

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