Free to Be Mom: 5 Must-Have Mom Buys for New Baby

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I'm not stranger to babies. I've had six in total, and each one was a unique and beautiful experience! One thing that they all had in common, however, was worry. I was always so worried with each of my babies. I wanted them to have the best first months of life possible! One way that I ensured that both baby and I stayed healthy and happy during our first few months bonding together was with our laundry routine. I'd like to say that I had a lot of help, but I didn't always. After each baby (which were all c-sections) I had to do laundry often. I wanted to make my routine simple, and be free to be a new mom without guilt or worry. The laundry also had to be baby-friendly!

Did you know that all® free clear liquid detergent happens to be the #1 detergent recommended by Dermatologists, Allergists, and Pediatricians for Sensitive Skin? This meant that I could rest easy with one aspect of motherhood, knowing that my laundry detergent had no dyes, perfumes, certain chemicals or irritating residues -- which is so important when tiny ones are born! I also embraced the ease of free clear mighty pacs®. I would just toss one into the load with my wash, and I could enjoy the peace of mind knowing that all® free clear helps remove 99% of the top everyday and seasonal allergens! It's also easily available at Walmart! (Follow directions on product packaging for best results.)

We live on a farm, so dog and cat dander, dust mite matter, ragweed pollen, grass/tree pollen and the rest are rampant in our home!! Baby doesn't need to deal with that -- especially in his tiny little wardrobe. Mama worries, so having this checked off my list was awesome! (Note: this detergent isn't intended to treat allergies. But it does remove them from clothing.)

Another way that I developed less worry was by planning ahead. I was showered with gifts with each baby, but I got better at communicating just the gifts that would be helpful. I was in no need of $1,000 cribs or the most technologically amazing swing. Here are the items I insisted on getting (or buying for myself) -- all from the perspective of a mom of six!

1) Swaddles. Babies need wrapped tight to feel secure! A good swaddling blanket or a swaddle product that has velcro built in for an easy, middle-of-the-night swaddle is perfect for new moms. I couldn't have gotten through many months of fussiness without it.

2) Bottles. Yes, I nursed with all my babies, but I also used a breastpump for times when I was sick or had to leave the little guy for awhile. A good bottle that has been proven to reduce air-intake and also have a life-like nipple is so important. You should find a bottle that closely resembles any pacifier you use, so as not to cause confusion in your little one.

3) Pacifier. Pacis, boppies, boppers, whatever you call them, most babies have a need to suck. If you don't want to be the pacifier (or you exclusively bottle feed) these can provide comfort to your baby at all times of day. We opted for the pacifiers they used in the hospital. You can also bring your own to the hospital and ask that the nurses use them. It sets you up for success when you get home.

4) Diapers. You can not have enough diapers. If you think you can, you are delusional. Ask for diapers. Or, if you are super picky and won't take just any brand as a gift, ask for a gift card to your favorite diaper-selling store.

5) Something for Mom. Baby will take so much attention, and you will become stressed. But you can take some comfort in knowing those around you love you and gifts for mom are so important in the beginning. (Because later on, they just become more scarce.) Favorite gifts I received included chocolates, dinners out, getting my dishes done, laundry tended to (with all® free clear, of course), and a super, comfy robe that I still wear to this day. Mom needs pampering!

Ready to make a new mom's day? You can help her out by picking up all® free clear at your local Walmart!


  1. These are great tips! We loved Swaddle blankets and freezer meals. So helpful during the first few weeks. #client


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