From Colorful to Spooky: 6 Fall Activity Titles for Kids from Parragon!

Fall is my family's favorite season! It's a time to do lots of fun crafts and activities. Some are spooky, because of Halloween, but everything is kid-friendly!

Since coloring and art is one good way to get into the fall transition, we are happy to share some of these Parragon Kids' titles. Which one do you think our boys enjoyed the most?

Disney Princesses and Pumpkins ($4.99)

We aren't big princess people (5 boys in the house), but this adorable coloring book is one that we do enjoy coloring out of. It comes with 4 crayons built right into the book cover, and it includes 30+ stickers, too!

Disney PIXAR Halloween Heroes ($4.99)

My 6-year-old really went crazy over this one. It also has the colors and stickers, but has Halloween themed coloring pages with characters from Monsters Inc., The Good Dino, Toy Story, and more! The colors that come with this are really, really bright!

Spooky Black Paper Coloring ($6.99)

By far my children's favorite of the bunch is this one! It has black coloring paper and special crayons that show up so well! It's full of skeletons, ghosts, and pumpkins. Its' the most crafty of the bunch and it takes no set up or cleanup!

The Moonlight Tooth Fairy ($9.99)

Guess what? Marcus (our 6-year-old) lost his first tooth! It's such an exciting experience for kids, and now there is an adorable book to help commemorate the occasion. The book is hardcover and contains a charming story. It comes with a little pouch for storing the tooth, as well. Put it under the pillow for the tooth fairy, or keep it as a memento of the big event.

Who doesn't just LOVE the Hungry Caterpillar? We have had two very obsessed preschoolers over the years who would have been head over heels for this book. It includes punch out models of animals featured in Eric Carle books. Do you recognize them from your favorite stories? The included crayons help kids customize play.

Peppa Pig: Smiles and Giggles ($4.99)

Finally, everyone's favorite pig has made an appearance in this book with stickers and crayons. It's a must-have for any Peppa fan!

I received these books to review for free, but opinions are our own. Find out more info on the qualify line of children's products at the Parragon website!