Mary's Secret Ingredients Fall Box REVEAL!

You didn't think we'd let fall begin without sharing the newest Mary's Secret Ingredient Box, did you? We were so thrilled to see such a yummy bunch of items -- and they are all gluten-free!

First, I'm always so happy to see a must-have kitchen utensil or tool inside very box. This month, we got a handy Beaker from POURFect to measure out the pancake mix we received. It ensures no drips, and it is dishwasher and microwave safe!

The Blueberry Pancake mix included was gluten-free, and a delicious and handy product from PS Seasoning and Spices. This mix also makes a tasty waffle!

One treat we were not really sure of at first was the Mom's Popped Lotus Seeds. This was a very unique flavor profile, sort of nutty and also a bit buttery. It's something you have to try to explain! Gluten-free snacking sometimes requires you try new things...

My favorite product of the whole box (and one that the kids and I fought over) were the Superseedz Maple Sugar and Sea Salt Pumpkin Seeds! These superfoods taste so good. You won't believe that these candy-like treats are good for you!

Finally, for the savory lover, a coating that you can ensure is gluten-free! Nuts Over Fish is a seasoned cashew topping that you press onto the top of fish or chicken and then bake for a somewhat crunchy and very delicious result. The nuts are mixed with orange peel, cumin, coriander, and curry. It's pretty amazing!

Once again, the folks at Mary's Secret Ingredients have outdone themselves. I found at least two products that we will be buying regularly from now on! Be sure you don't miss out on the next box. 

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*Sample received to review. Opinions are my own.