Review: Build Your Own Wind-Up Toy with 3D-Motokits!

My boys love mechanical things. Whether it's a robot, an R/C car, or something they've put together themselves, if it runs.. they are happy! That's why it was so cool to be able to review 3D-Motokits! These little 3D kits are super affordable (under $5) and they keep kids busy!

We tried out four of the kits with our kids. Some are more advanced than others, but all required quite  a steady hand and the ability to fold and piece together pretty small pieces of cardboard. All of the kits came with a windup gear and motor, so that their final creations could be cranked-up and let go to move! You can put these together with everything included in the kit. No glue, special tools, or even scissors are required; the parts come pre-punched and creased for easier precision.

See what the crane looked like when we were finished! It's quite zippy!

There are great little toys that reinforce building and STEM principles. I recommend them for your homeschool or on the weekends when the kids need something to do. It definitely takes care of boredom and teaches them stuff, too!

Get these at select retailers here. They would make great stocking-stuffers or budget-friendly birthday gifts.

*Samples were received to review. Opinions are my own.