Review of Educeri ....... Educeri a division of DataWORKS

Sometimes, I just can't seem to say what I mean when teaching my homeschooled kids. I know that many of you also struggle with the simplest way to explaining renaming in math, or how the plant life cycle works... every day is an opportunity to find just the right words to teach what our kids need to know in life. That's why I was thrilled to be able to try out Educeri Lesson Subscription Service from Educeri, a division of DataWORKS. This Lesson Subscription Service has over 1000 Ready to Teach lessons for parents and educators to use.

First, everything is very easy to find on the site. You can search by grade level or skill. Grades K-High school are available, as well as ELD and middle school science. The subjects include:

  • Math
  • Science
  • English Language Arts
  • History
  • Art
  • P.E.
  • Music
  • Spanish
  • English Language Development

Once you pick a lesson you want, it's as simple as just clicking it. You'll be taken to the main page for that lesson that includes an explanation, how it fits into Common Core principles, how to navigate, and any additional resources that may be available.

In the case of this 1st grade math addition facts lesson, there was a downloadable PDF for the resource that included 32 worksheets to reinforce the lesson!

Navigating through the lesson is as simple as a click. Teachers can have the student at the device with the lesson loaded, or you can choose to cast the screen to an overhead device or large monitor. For this reason, I can see that this is not just a good resource for homeschoolers, but perfect for classroom use.

Here is what a sample lesson would look like:

Note that these are not animated, and there is no sound. You simply use the navigation tabs at the bottom of the lesson to proceed through the slides. There are conversation prompts to guide you on what to say while teaching, as well as helpful hints for further learning, such as vocabulary terms. clicking on the lesson screen causes the answers to pop up, as well.

This format makes it ideal for a pointer/clicker for presentation purposes, but a mouse at home on the PC works just as well.

With so many lessons to choose from, Educeri really has thought of everything. But in case you can't find a lesson you are looking for, they have a form to fill out.

Learn more about this innovative resource at their website. You can also find them on social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.