15 Cool Features You Didn't Know You Could Get With Amazon Prime

I've been an Amazon customer since 2004. I've also been an Amazon Prime member for most of that. Ever year, they keep adding more and more cool features, making my annual investment a very, very good deal. What do I use it for? Most everything. Here are my favorite features of Amazon Prime, including some little-known perks that I can't do without!


1. Free Shipping. Yes, we all know about this one. Since I live in the country, getting 2-day shipping on almost everything makes my life easy. And when you choose to have them "no-rush" ship your order (send it a normal speed and not 2-day) you get a special offer. This is usually given in the form of a future shipping credit on Prime Pantry or a digital movie credit!

2. Subscribe and Save. We still love using this service to save 15-20% on things we order monthly. Check out this list of ways to save even more and stock your pantry for an emergency with coupon stacking!

3. Prime Pantry. If you do NOT need 100+ rolls of toilet paper delivered, you can order small sizes of everything from salad dressing to pain meds by using Prime Pantry. We have found a few ways to make the deals better than at the store. And if you get a free shipping credit (which are available from time to time), the prices on some items can't be beat! See how we save with Prime Pantry here.

4. Prime Photos. If you worry about losing your photos to a computer crash, this benefit is super valuable!Free unlimited photo storage for you and five others. Plus, upgraded search helps you find photos fast by using people's names, faces, and event descriptions.  

5. Amazon Underground. Love video games? My family adores this selection of absolutely free video games for Amazon Underground users. Play on your Kindle tablet or your Android phone! Get popular titles of games like Frozen Free Fall, Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions, OfficeSuite Professional 8, Goat Simulator, Angry Birds Slingshot Stella and many more. $20,000 in apps, games, and in-app bonuses are included when you join for free with your Prime membership.

6. Twitch Prime. Even more video game goodness awaits users who register for this free gamer community. Watch your favorite gamers play and chat with live streaming content. Get exclusive savings on new-release box games (usually 20%), score in-game loot, get gamer cheat codes, badges, and community points with no in-game ads!

7. Amazon Prime Music. This is the one I used the most! Stream new albums, classic releases, stations by genre and more without ever having to buy an album. Your monthly membership is included, and you can even download songs and albums from the Prime Music cloud for off-line listening on your mobile device!

8. Prime Early Access. All of those great Gold Box daily deals and upcoming Black Friday specials run out fast. But Prime members get early access to many, that lets you buy before they open up the deals to non members. I have gotten lots of fantastic deals that have sold out quickly. It might be the perk I enjoy most during the holidays.

9. Amazon Video. Stream thousands of shows, movies, webisodes, and more. My kids use this perk quite a bit! They even include Amazon original series not available anywhere else.

10. Amazon Family. Use diapers and wipes as much as this family of six does? Get additional discounts on your subscribe and save subscription when you sign up for free! Get 20% off select diapers and 15% off wipes!

11. Audible Channels. Love podcasts, fresh audio sessions, and live commentary on the go? Check out the new selection of Audible channels, and listen on your mobile device for free! In addition to these shows, you can get access to exclusive narrations of your favorite books, done by celebrity voices. All for free!

12. 6- months free to the Washington Post. Yes! Sign up for this perk when you get your Prime membership! It's valued at $60!

13. Prime Reading. Prime members can get access to free Kindle books each month. Many are top sellers. Comic books, graphic novels, best-selling magazines, fiction, nonfiction, children's books and more are included with this perk.

14. FreeTime Unlimited
. If your child has a Kindle (we have two), you'll love this way to manage their time. You can set up different profiles for every member of your family, giving them age-appropriate access to free movies, TV, apps, and more! Everything is included in the app when you download. This feature does cost $2.99 a month and up, but it's a big discount for Prime members. We think it my be the best offering of our Prime membership yet!

15. Kindle First Books. Get access to the books before anyone else, and read for free! Kindle First features 6-10 new books each month that you can enjoy without paying. This is  a great way to expand your horizons and discover new authors!

Not a Prime member yet? Why not? Sign up here and start getting incredible services for less than $9 a month (that's LESS than a Netflix streaming membership, and you get all of the above services!!!) Try an Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial today!

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