2016 Hot Holiday Gift Guide -- Day Eight: Mouthguard Challenge

This post is sponsored by Identity Games. Opinions and experiences are our own.

Have you heard of the Mouthguard Challenge? This was new to me, but my kids knew about it! This hilarious game  (based off of a viral video from Alex Mandel) is so simple, and yet provides for hours of ridiculous fun. The premise is this: Place the oversized mouthguard in your mouth, then take on a number of verbal challenges, as well as safe, but challenging "stunts". See if any one can understand you. Win if you can!

I'm a bit of a gaggy person (don't like things in my mouth), but this was a rather comfy mouthguard and didn't seem to cause problems. You get 5 in a pack, so everyone can play. (Just wash them when you're done in hot, soapy water. Or use a dishwasher, if you have one.)

My kids had the best fun with this. My 11-year-old was a bit shy for the camera, so I had to help him out. You can see from the drool, however, that this is quite the experience. My boys thought it was hysterical! It's also one of the few must-have games this season that are family-friendly. (No bad words or suggestive material -- just good, clean fun!)

The game, created by Identity Games, will be a hot seller this season. You can order the Mouthguard Challenge now in time for the holidays from Amazon.

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