2016 Hot Holiday Gift Guide -- Day Nine: The BFG on Combo Pack

We are HUGE Roald Dahl Fans. We own all of his kids books and even a few of the books he wrote for adults. (His "Boy" title might be my favorite book ever.) We have shared many adventures as my husband has read these books to my kids each night. We have experienced the thrill of adventure, made-up words, and so many scary witches!

But the story that really connected my kids to Mr. Dahl was the story of the BFG. The "big, friendly giant" won their heart, both with the story itself, and the new vocabulary it brought into our home. Road's original language (usually a combo of onomatopoeia and gibberish) actually has a name: Gobblefunk. And it has so many brilliant words to enjoy.  Whiz-popper? Yes, that may be their very favorite word of all.

Disney's The BFG is out on Combo Pack! See what we loved about this amazing adventure, inspired by the stories of Roald Dahl!

And so, when we heard that the movie was finally hitting the big screen after years of checking Wikipedia for the rumors of its production, I was so very, very happy. Disney decided to undertake this massive project with very high expectations of BFG fans (no pressure?) And I truly believe that they did the original story justice. I think Mr. Dahl would be thrilled.

The movie, out right now on Blu-Ray, Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere is truly a magical adventure. I teared up a little just watching the previews. This is the story of all stories!

Your family will probably love it as well. Do you need to be familiar with the story? No. It's a great film that stands alone as a treasure for all generations. But I do hope that you take some time to read this amazing tale to your kids. Literature inspires some of the best films -- as is evidenced by The BFG film. Why not enjoy both?

Snag the combo pack right now for a thrilling adventure for under your tree. You won't be disappointed!

Want even more fun? Sure, you do! Check out these free activities and continue the adventure after the film is over:

*Screener received to review. Opinions are my own.

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