Review of GeoSmart

My home is full of little builders. They just do not ever stop creating things, knocking them down, then starting over again! That's why when we were sent a box of the GeoSmart building magnets to review, I knew my kiddos would adore them.

We tried the Lunar Rover kit, which is designed for kids ages 5+ and has 30 pieces. Now, if you've played with any of the "brick" type building products, you may be thinking that 30 pieces is not that many. But these are large, geometric shapes with magnets built into the frame on all sides.

They stick to one another to create any structure you can imagine. The 30 pieces also contained two large frame pieces and 4 wheels. Even the wheels just need to be touched together to stick to the frame. And once built, they are pretty sturdy!

This set didn't come with instructions, but your kids really won't need them. My boys took cues from the product box and also the additional products guide that came with it. It made for great inspiration for making things other than the Lunar Rover.

We had this toy out in the play area for a week now. It never gets put away for long. Between the 4 boys who are old enough to use it, it is in constant rotation. Since the pieces are large and colorful, we've also been able to track down any pieces that get separated from the rest. That's a big deal in a house where I'm always dealing with tiny building pieces in my vacuum cleanout bin!

I'm very impressed with the safety of these toys. All the magnets are strong enough to work well, but they are double-encased in the product to ensure that they don't detach or cause a hazard!

You can pick up the Lunar Rover kit ($49.99), along with several other GeoSmart kits at a variety of price points at

*Samples received to review. Opinions are our own.


  1. These are wonderful toys to ignite the imaginations of the little ones. Geosmart products are well made and durable ... which makes it even more desirable. thanks for sharing.

  2. Geosmart magnetic building toys are best STEM construction options for a variety of reasons like robust, no batteries required, learning and experiencing engineering concepts of design, structure, geometry... Isn't that so awesome!

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