2016 Hot Holiday Gift Guide -- Day Ten: Pete's Dragon on Combo Pack

Who remembers the story of Pete's Dragon? The 70's film has been remade for new generations, and I was blown away by the tenderness and adventure of this movie! Disney did an outstanding job of recreating the magic of a boy who is lost in the woods and raised by the kindly dragon living secretly there. Robert Redford does an amazing character (as usual) and brings back the old-timey feel that those of us in our 30's and 40's were hoping for.

Gen-Xers will absolutely adore the retro look of the movie, from the clothes Peter wears when he goes missing to the overall "scene" of the town and its citizens. There were a few breath-taking moments where the peril just seemed too much. Never fear, however, all is well that ends well, and even young children will love the ending of this family-friendly heart-tugging saga.

Relive the magic of Pete's Dragon. The new film from Disney is an amazing adventure of all ages -- available now!

Pete's Dragon is out right now for your viewing pleasure. It's a great gift for anyone -- even those of us who are getting a bit grey these days. Disney also has a whole line of super cute merch to commemorate the movie (stocking stuffers, anyone?)

Check out this fascinating clip of the young actors and how they were able to capture such daring and adventure in this film. They have quite the talent!

Get the combo pack now, and enjoy the movie on Blu-ray, DVD, and Disney Movies Anywhere (the digital copy.)

And get fun Pete's Dragon activity sheets and coloring pages below:

*Screener and gift pack received to review. Opinions are my own.

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