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2016 Hot Holiday Gift Guide -- Day Five: DINOTRUX Toys

9:27 PM

As if DINOTRUX couldn't get even more popular in my house, my 3-year-old recently discovered them! He goes nuts for the theme song, as well as adores all of the characters. The clever show about teamwork and recognizing everyone's unique gifts combines two of most small boys obsessions: dinosaurs and trucks!


This season, there are so many options for DINOTRUX fans to put under the tree. We were sent three to share with you, and they were pretty much spot-on exactly what my two youngest boys will be looking for this year.

The first toy we looked at is the very large Ton-Ton. Ton-Ton is a dump truck that rolls on the ground and even comes with a shovel. I like this toy, because it can actually store some of the smaller figures inside it underneath. This is exactly what my 3-year-old wants for the holidays!


My 6-year-old is especially excited about the Ty Rux toy. This toy actually makes noise (but it's not ridiculously loud, like some toys.) Listen to him boom and talk. He also has a little pull switch on top that opens his mouth!



Over the past few years, my boys have been collecting the smaller, die-cast metal figures. These are like regular die-cast cars, but in DINOTRUX form! They all have some kind of moving part. In this case, the Wrecka figure has a tail that swings back and forth. These are great little stocking stuffers or gifts for a present exchange, since they are very popular, but are affordably-priced.


Finally, for all you R/C fans out there, this year is the first year for this exciting Ty Rux Reptool Control vehicle set. "Reptool Control" is code for R/C, so you know that this will be fun! It's made for kids as young as 4 to drive, and has dozens of DINOTRUX sounds and phrases. It's not just a driveable toy, however. There are games you can play with it, including a form of hide and seek, dancing, and wreck and smash! DINOTRUX toys have lasted some serious play at our house, so I'm looking forward to this toy offering hours and hours of play for the boys.


All of the DINOTRUX toys are available now for the holidays. You can find them at various retailers, including Toys R Us, Walmart, and Amazon.  Be sure to check out the new episodes of DINOTRUX, now available on Netflix! If this show is new for your family, I highly recommend it. It's a great show with family-friendly values and excitement built into one. Well-written and touching (with a bit of giggles thrown in), I think it tops our list of shows for kids ages 3-6.

*Samples received to review. Opinions are our own.

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