Partying with a Generation of Luvs Babies -- And Their Caregivers!

I am so happy to share about our recent party as part of a sponsorship from Luvs. Opinions are my own!

My family really loves children. Maybe that's why so many of us have big families and we work in child care! With the chance to invite my friends and also some of my family over to have a Luvs party, I couldn't say no!

What did we do?

There were goodie bags!

And food (like mini quiches -- my favorite):

And more food:

We decorated. (I even had help!)

As many kids attended as parents. (And they were more open to have me take pictures of them.) They started out as babies, so that counts, right?

We ate and drank some more, while sharing memories of our first babies, as well as chatting about the challenges of today's babies. My aunt, cousin, my other cousin, and sister all work in caregiving (including daycare for young babies), so this is always a topic of discussion with any family event -- or even at a party like this!

The new moms talked a bit with the more experienced moms. My grandmother (at age 88) was happy to share her diapering tips. I bet she wished she had Luvs when she was a young mom! Everyone that came and left with a goodie bag was excited for the free diapers inside.

One of the kids surprised us with some musical entertainment!

We had SUCH a good time. I can't believe that I'm helping my oldest pick out colleges at the same time I'm dealing with diapers from my youngest. It's amazing to me how many parents are just like me, covering a full generation of babies with Luvs!

I have been using Luvs diapers ever since I was a young, first-time mom in 1998! The new Luvs Ultra Leakguards with NightLock Plus™ have continued to exceed my expectations. My youngest, for example, is potty trained, but still needs diapers at bedtime. Luvs are thin enough to wear under this PJ's, but they also keep all those sippy cups he drank before bed where they belong --- not on the bedsheets!

Luvs are also softer than before, with big, stretchy tabs so that I can put them on quickly -- even when my little guy is asleep.

Did you know? Luvs has a money-back guarantee! Not only are they more affordable than premium brands, they will give you your money back if they fail to protect your baby from leaks.

Babies are getting bigger these days, and Luvs has acknowledged this. They make sizes newborn through 6, so even larger babies and toddler can stay protected. (Not everyone is ready for a training pant.) You can also find them anywhere baby products are sold. I pick mine up at Walmart!

Visit the Luvs website for more information on their guarantee to keep your baby leak-free! You can also check them out on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

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