Review of Many Nations Once-a-Week Micro-Study from Homeschool Legacy

We have been trucking along with school this year, and as a change of pace in our homeschool we've added a unit study from Homeschool Legacy, a Once-a-Week Micro-Studies Many Nations. This is an especially important unit study for my family, as we have Native heritage on my husband's side. We want our kids to learn as much as they can about where they came from!

This isn't our first study with Homeschool Legacy. We have reviewed We the People (a Constitutional literacy study) in the past and loved it! I have appreciated how much work goes into these studies, so I already knew that we were in for a treat with this new one.

The first thing I should point out is that the previous products we have tried were more intense unit studies. As a busy family, these aren't always practical to work into our busy homeschool schedule. The Many Nations product is a Once-a-Week Micro-Study, however. It was one of five voted “Favorite History” by members of back in 2014. These type of studies are unique in that they can be done just one time a week for 30 minutes -- so they are PERFECT for doing during the holidays when things get crazy.

These do not include weekly devotionals or library lists. But they do make reference to a section in your library that would have similar topical resources to look for. You can complete this in just four weeks, if you really want to, and the flexible formatting allows for time off, when needed.

What activities did we do in this study? Lots! Things that were provided included instruction to build a long house, map making, paper dolls, reading lots of great literature, learning the names of the tribes, and so much more. I couldn't believe how much learning we could fit into the brief but engaging lessons!

I really like that so many subjects can be covered with this tool. There are lots of overlap activities that cover more than one discipline, but every week you'll have the chance to explore new opportunities in the subjects of Bible, History, Geography, Literature, and Art. My children especially liked learning native languages. There are vocab lists and pronunciation guides. It brought it to life for my kids to know their own ancestors could have spoken the exact same words!

You can find so many other studies on their website. They are quick to purchase and download for use right away! One that your family might find suitable for this time of year is Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims. It's such a great resource to compliment your home celebration this holiday!

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