Review of Stomp Rocket® Ultra LED

If there's one thing I have learned about boys, it's that they love stuff that flies. The higher, the better!

We were sent the new Stomp Rocket® Ultra LED to review, and I have never seen a bunch of kids more excited to go out and play after dark!

Check out this video to see just how amazing this is. My boys say it's like shooting off fireworks without the flame. I agree that it's a super-safe way to learn basic physics principles and get a little exercise, too!  (We had a hard time getting the rocket stand to stay upright in our tall grass, so the boys had to put it up on a higher platform that was easier to load and more stable.)

Here are just a few of the lessons kids can talk about while playing:
  • Gravity – What goes up must come down!
  • Force – How hard they stomp determines how high the rockets fly.
  • Trajectory – Kids can launch these rockets at different angles to see whether they'll fly higher or farther.
  • The Power of Air — That’s what makes it all possible!
The rockets are super bright but safe. There emit so much light, they double as flashlights to find your way around in the dark when setting up play. 

Find this toy at in time for the holiday season!

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