Review of KUNGS Winter Car Care Products

Baby, it's cold outside! With outdoor temps at -20 degrees the other night, I just wanted to stay in bed and never get out. But life happens, and -- even though we live in the country quite a drive from properly maintained roads -- we have to drive when we have to drive.

Thankfully car care has come a long way since those cheapo ice scrapers you used to get in the dusty corners of the gas station. We were introduced to some samples of Finnish car care experts KUNGS products to try this winter. They are pretty nifty, and they have made getting out a touch easier.

What did we try? Some pretty cool things. Among them was the KUNGS Tele-Is Snow Brush/Ice Scraper combo. It's great for short people like me, as it has a telescoping feature with a lock so that I can get to the very tippy-top of my van windows!

We also tried the KUNGS Max-Is Snow Brush/Ice Scraper combo. This happens to be Northern Europe's #1 selling snow brush! (And they deal with some snow, so I'll take their word for it! I'm Danish, myself, you know.)

Finally, there was the small but powerful KUNGS Mid-Is Ice Scraper. This was a super multi-functional scraper with triple-edging and a very clever wiper blade cleaning notch. You don't even realize how bad your wipers can ice up until you go to use them. Why not be proactive and clean them before you leave?

These items are just some of the very cool winter products made by KUNGS. You can find an assortment of their solutions at your local Sears Auto Center! And they also shared some tips with us for making the winter more tolerable:


Low temperatures inspire many in the Nordic region to get together outside and enjoy the 'fresh' weather that only winter can bring. Take advantage of what winter has to offer: Plan a day trip to your nearest sauna, go sledding on the nearest hill or simply throw snow at your friends and family. Here's a "cool" idea: Pack a warm thermos of soup to enjoy after a wintertime ski run—and have a picnic right in the snow!


One of the key reasons winter-haters despise the cold is that they simply don't know how to dress for it. The people of the Arctic know better. It's easy: Before heading outside, make sure you're properly clothed. The secret? Multiple layers. A thick winter coat is essential, along with waterproof gloves, wool socks, a scarf, a hat, and of course, snow boots! Several layers of pants can help, as well. Arctic tip: Allow yourself some extra time (10 minutes) to get in and out of those extra articles of clothing.


Got a car? Then you're going to want to prepare it to handle winter conditions without a hitch. Stock your car with an emergency kit, consider winter tires for better traction, and thoroughly check your battery before the cold strikes. In winter precipitation, visibility is crucial. Keep both a snow brush and a durable ice scraper on hand—and be sure your ice scraper can de-ice windshield wipers. I recommend grabbing Kungs ice scrapers and snow brushes, which are available at Sears Auto Centers across the Northeast.


The winter months are ideal for wrapping up in a blanket and cozying up next to a warm fireplace (or space heater), glass of wine in hand. Even the best Arctic bosses aren't afraid to enjoy the warmth and comfort of a winter day indoors. Arctic boss tip: Get cozy with your significant other and surprise them with a hot cocktail! Many of us complain about winter and wish it would end sooner. But as the folks in Northern Europe know better than any of us, winter is a special season that can be thoroughly enjoyed—if you make the appropriate preparations.

How do you survive the winter season? Tell me in the comments below!

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