Review of IDO3D Vertical Pen Kits

Activities and crafts that encourage STEM skills are so hot right now! We are thrilled to share yet another great gift that would be great for under the tree. This item combines art and physics in such a fun way! We were sent two IDO3D Vertical Products to review, and here's how they work:

Fill the pen with one of a number of colors of 3D "ink". This is a simple as popping in one of the cartridges. There's no hassle with this step. Squeeze, draw, and watch the light harden the ink to create 3D structures!

You can build up and up to make all kinds of fun projects! Included in the kit are several patterns to help inspire your drawing, as well as molds to help you create the perfect shape with your work.

 As if this product wasn't cool enough, they have a second kit that lets kids draw in 3D over moving, robotic machines! You can turn your moving foundation into anything you want! It's great for imagination.

Doesn't this sound cool? I know my boys will really get into these kits. They are a little messy, but that's what makes them entertaining. As you use them more and more, you get better and better at using them.

 Order now in time for Christmas from retailers like You can also check out all of the products from the company at their website!

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