Last-Chance Stocking Stuffers for Everyone in Your Family!

It's almost Christmas and the stockings are being hung at our house! That means they will soon be full of yummy, fun and exciting goodies for the kids of all ages. Here are some of the sweet things that will be in our stockings this year (shhh... don't tell the kids!)

Palmer Snap & Share Double Crisp Bear and Santa

I know you remember trying to take just a piece off of your candy Santa as a kid. Pieces would go everywhere. What a mess! The Snap & Share candy is made just for sharing (or at least taking off pieces a little at a time). Just break and bit. No need for flaky crumbs everywhere. And it's just like the Double Crisp I remember eating as a kid! (Find them at Shop Rite stores and where Palmer candy is sold.)

 Yoohoo One Pound Candy Bar 

Everyone's favorite childhood chocolate drink is back in this tasty one pound candy bar that will certainly fill even the largest of stockings. Tasty milk-chocolate flavoring really takes you back. (And it's divided into smaller squares for easy sharing.)

Palmer One Pound Peppermint Bark Bar

Want more one-pound goodness? Try the Peppermint Bark Bar. This is SO good. White candy and peppermint crunch throughout give every bite a cool, holiday flavor that I just love this time of year!

So big!!

Premium Belgian Milk Chocolate Half Dollar (One Pound)

Wow! This is so much milk chocolate! It won't quite fit into any stocking we know of, but it is still perfect for leaving under the tree. We hope it takes you all year to eat this one pound chocolate coin from Palmer! Get one where candy is sold!

Kwik Stix Metallic & Neon

Every year, we love gifting these to our kids. They are paint, but in an easier-to-use form. Skip the sloppy brushes, containers, and smocks. These create paintings, but with the easy of a crayon. The metallic version, just out this year, are so beautiful! Allow kids to go wild making shiny masterpieces that only Kwik Stix can create. You can also find them in neon -- super cool, dude! Find them at Target stores everywhere.

Skylanders Imaginators Crystals

You can never have too many of the crystals used in the new Skylanders Imaginators game! Since each of your new creations needs a crystal to be stored in, more crystals means a bigger team of players! Give kids the crystals that match the elements they hope to store. They come in different styles and colors per element! Find them at retailers everywhere, including Walmart!

3 Seeds Game

I love games that fit into stockings. That means that they are great to take along anywhere! Chara Games (creator of Commissioned) make this fast and fun game with lots of action and a valuable lesson about reaping where you sow! Basic farming principles and powerful truths are scattered throughout. Kids won't even realize they are learning stuff!! Get it at Amazon.

When Calls the Heart Season Three on DVD

Fans of this sugary sweet but oh-so-fun to watch series will love that all of season three's charming episodes can be found in one package! Relive the drama, romance, and inspiration of one of the most popular shows on TV! Get it on Amazon and be inspired by 10 DVD's based on the books by Janette Oke.

Welch's Christmas Fruit Snacks

All kids love fruit snacks! Welch's snacks are made with real fruit (it is the first ingredient!) They contain 100% daily recommended amount of Vitamin C, 25% of Vitamin A and E, and are fat and gluten-free! These preservative-free snacks come 4 to a cheerful holiday box and cost just a buck! Find them at your local grocer or where Welch's fruit snacks are sold. 

*Samples of items received to review. Opinions are my own.

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