3 Savvy Ways to Soothe a Cold: Introducing Pine Bros.

Colds. Flu. They are as common in our house as dirty dishes. And yet, we've gotten pretty good over the past few years at managing the symptoms so we can carry on with life as usual.  While some things work better than others, there are some really easy things we can do to shorten the life of sickness and keep us feeling OK in the meantime.

Here are my favorite ways to soothe a cold.

1. Hydrate

I don't care what you drink, just do it! Teas are my favorite, but I can drink an ice milky coffee, as well. As long as I have a way to soothe my throat and get my liquids, I'm pretty much assured I'll survive the next cold or flu in a shorter time than if I hadn't paid attention to my fluids.

2. Rest

I know. As a mom of 6, this wouldn't seem possible. Except my kids are good at taking turns with chores and care of their siblings when I'm ill. We take turns pampering the sickest ones, and everyone that's ill gets a nap. That's a requirement around here!

3. Vitamin C

It does help. And my favorite way of taking it is the Pine Bros. Vitamin C Orange Drops. These are not quite hard, not quite chewy. They call themselves "softish". They are so soothing on the throat, and they have 25% of your daily recommended value of Vitamin C!  I really like keeping these in my purse, as they keep their texture and don't get mushy like cough drops do. And they are drug-free!

What ways do you tackle tough colds and flus? Is there a special way you like to recover?

*Samples of Pine Bros products received to review. Opinions are my own.

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