For Mud, Snow, and Everyday Play: Review of Stride Rite Snoots!

Boys will be boys. Which means that when they are not begging to go out into subzero temps to play in snow, they are sloshing about in the mud on a warmish January day. All of this active play is exactly what they need, and I'm supportive of it, but getting all their gear together can be quite the hassle.

We've done the snow boot thing, and really, it's terribly difficult with little ones.  Snow boots are tough to pull on, they are stiff to stand in, they don't wash easily, and they are not the same as shoes. It's hard to go from tromping out to our family van in 2 feet of snow to clomping through the aisle of our grocery store. They just aren't that versatile.

Then we were introduced to Snoots (Made2Play® Sneaker Boot) by Stride Rite. They sent us two pairs free to sample, and my 3-year-old and 6-year-old were literally SCREAMING when they saw the boxes. That's because I got the littlest one Star Wars snoots, and the older one got Spider-Man. We tried them on, in the house, to be sure they fit. They were easy on and so comfy. The toddler wore them all day (with no pants) until I had to pull them off his sweaty little sleeping feet that night.

These are super-duper sturdy on the bottom, but very warm and lightweight. I really like how the bottoms are slip-proof. They have good grips which work well on snow and ice, but don't mark up the floor. They are perfect for anywhere you'll go this winter and spring.

OK, so they loved the boots when everything was clean and tidy. But I was more interested in how these would perform after a week of farm-boy wear. You know, when they ended up looking like this:

Yes, that IS straw stuck to my kid's boot.

I followed the directions for washing, and tossed these into a load with some of my muddy towels from cleaning the mud room (which is also my laundry room.) I took them out and they seriously cleaned up well.

After drying overnight, they were good as new to put on!

My son was happy to go back out and make them look terrible again. Oh, well. I know they will last a good, long time. They are comfy, and my boys really love that they have a cool sneaker/boot feature that lets us wear the cuffs up when playing outside, but we can fold them down to look like shoes in the grocery store.

I would buy these in a heartbeat for my kids from now on. They are available from Stride Rite and come in a few cute styles, including Star Wars, Frozen, TMNT, My Little Pony, and Spider-Man. They come in sizes for both big and little kids, boys and girls colors and styles!

*Samples received to review. Opinions those of me and my kids.

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