Incredibly Moving Film for Families: Disney's Queen of Katwe on Blu-Ray

We have seen so many great films in the past year, and many of them have been Disney films. When I was asked to review Queen of Katwe, however, I wasn't sure that it would hold my little one's attention. It was a serious, yet uplifting drama, and there were heavy accents that I wasn't sure my younger kids would understand.

I underestimated my kids. Again. They were completely drawn into this film. They laughed and they cried. They were inspired. And we had some great conversations as a result. This is why Queen of Katwe is now one of our top 10 films at the Knerl house.

The story follows a female chess prodigy in Uganda, in the poor town of Katwe. What follows is the struggle to overcome the conditions of poverty to become a champion. We see the girl lift up those around her as she becomes one of the few female chess champions of the time. It's amazing and -- at times -- heart breaking. But it is also definitely well worth your time to see. We really enjoyed seeing how the main character struggled to reconcile both worlds. In fact, this quote was very moving and accurate:

"Sometimes the place you are used to is not the place you belong."

Here's the official movie trailer, which gives you an idea of the story line and depth of characters:

Here's a quick look at the behind the scenes with the woman who plays the children's mother. She brings so much to the role, and it shows that she inspired the best in the rest of the cast, as well!

Probably the part of the film that resonated with us the most was the end. Before the final credits, each main actor from the film is shown side-by-side with the real-life person they portrayed. Sometimes, the resemblance was stunning. I really came away from this feeling good that the story was close enough to the actual history of the people that they were proud to be on film. That says a lot about the integrity of the people who made this movie! I also really enjoyed reading the brief "where are they now" type commentary listed next to each person. It reinforced the role chess and the support of a mentor such had in their life was real.

You absolutely must check out this top film with your family.

I will note that some of the content may be intense for the littles. There are some topics that may be brought up that you may want to be aware of to discuss later, as well. (The daughter Night takes to selling herself as a way to make ends meet. Nothing graphic is shown, and the words describing her career are never actually used. She just disappears at night with a man, and it is implied that he is one of her girls.) A few moments of peril are brief but strong, including a boy in an accident with an injury that is pretty intense, as well as rushing waters almost taking a toddler away.

My 6-year-old, who is used to intense scenes with all of the superhero movies he watches was OK with the film, although he did sit on his dad's lap the whole way through. It is good to talk to your kids about how they feel after seeing the film.

This must-see film is available now on Blu-Ray, DVD, and Disney Movies Everywhere. Find it where movies are sold or

*Screener received to review. Opinions are my own.

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