Motion Sickness Ruins Everything (and How I've Overcome it!)

This post is sponsored by Reliefband. Thank you so much for changing my life and partnering with me on this message. 

Motion sickness. It is the worst. I used to be able to tolerate all kinds of movement as a young person -- including the tallest, fastest roller coasters. As I've gotten older, however, I just can't handle it anymore. Whether my husband is backing out of the driveway with me in the passenger seat, or I'm watching my kids show me a level on a first-person video game that they proudly won, I immediately feel nausea and headaches when I can't get my bearings.

My honeymoon was the worst! The beautiful cruise to Cozumel was ruined by my motion sickness. I spent most of the time in our cabin (and also the tiny bathroom) with trademark signs of motion sickness, including lots and lots of vomiting. It was terrible for us, and I couldn't wait to be home on solid ground.

Just married! And ready to go on our cruise...
Today, I just avoid anything that triggers the sickness. That includes sitting on a train, being on a plane where I can't open the windows to see outside, or even in front of a computer screen when there is lots of scrolling down the page. (I can't look at my Facebook feed until it has loaded completely. Just scrolling through updates causes me to become motion sick!)

That all changed this week, when I was given the opportunity to try a Reliefband. I didn't know there was a drug-free way to manage motion sickness, and I would have done anything to have a solution that worked immediately. Reliefband, however, is super simple to use, and I simply followed the directions in the package to put on the band. I tested it right away by scrolling through my Facebook feed. It was the first time ever that I could do this with no nausea or disorientation!

Really? Is this all it took? The Reliefband is ready to go out of the package, so you can pick one up for a trip and know that it's available to use right away. Just put a dab of the included conductivity gel on the exact right place on your inside wrist (the easy-to-find P6 pressure point), strap on the band, select the level that feels right to you, and enjoy relief.

I admit that it felt really weird the first time I used it. That's because it's sending a safe level of impulses along the nerves in your wrist and hand that signal the brain to block the nausea signals and tell it that everything is OK.

Did you know? Motion sickness is a primal response between your brain and stomach that actually tells you to vomit because the symptoms of motion sickness so closely resemble being poisoned! Wow! That means that, without the band, my brain can't tell if I've eaten something bad, or I’m taking a quick trip to get groceries in the back seat of our family van. All of these years, I was feeling embarrassed and terrible about my inability to do certain things, but it turns out it was not my fault! 

Reliefband is innovative, drug-free, FDA-cleared, and effective. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't try it myself. I won't leave home without this product. While it doesn't need to be worn all the time, I'll keep it in my purse and put it on anytime I'm in a car, train, or plane, as well as when I'm doing a lot of computer work. There's no reason to leave my motion sickness to chance when I found a way to beat it! It takes just minutes to regain control in these situations with my new life-changing tool! 

You can learn more about the technology and benefits of the Reliefband at their website. It can be used in many situations, including with morning sickness! (If you know someone who suffers from motion sickness, please tell them about this. I only wish I had the option sooner!)