Bonding With Gilbert: My Paw-fect Companion!

I am not a big animal person, and yet, I love my little rat terrier. This little guy became part of our family almost 7 years ago, when my mother brought the tiny runt puppy to my house in her pocket! Now a full-fledges member of the Knerl household, he holds a special place in all of our hearts. He cuddles with the kids, protects our house with his yippy barks, and even does a little rodent control.

I've enjoyed giving my little guy treats every time he does something wonderful, or even when we need to clip his nails or give him a bath. He's the paw-fect companion, so why not tell him so!  One of the ways I like to show him I care is with  Pup-Peroni Original Beef Flavor dog snacks. They may not come in a heart-shaped box (like the chocolates I give my human loved ones), but they come from my heart!

And while beef jerky is one of America's favorite culinary pastimes, I can't handle the sad eyes my pup gives me when I eat it, Pup-Peroni Original Beef Flavor dog snacks are as close as it gets to beef jerky for dogs. I don't have to leave him out when it comes to experiencing that incredible taste of my favorite snack!

Learn more about the great taste that pups love at the Pup-Peroni website!

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