Our First Time Trying Racine Danish Kringle (Kringle.com Review)

For those who don't know, I am Danish. My grandmother was full Dane, and we used to do fun Danish songs as a child. I love so many of the recipes she shared with me, and I even went on to study at one of the few remaining Danish colleges after high school. I studied in the Danish language, received a Danish scholarship, and enjoyed learning even more about my heritage.

Review of Racine Danish Kringle

One of the dishes that has always alluded me, however, is the Kringle. Unlike all of the other things I've tried making, this is not something that I would recommend a novice baker try. Why? Well, there is over 70 layers of pastry to deal with, for one. Also, it's hard to know if you've done it right, because Kringle isn't something every has had and can compare to.

You can imagine my sheer delight when I received an email from Kringle.com (Racine Danish Kringles) that I won a giveaway I had entered! As someone who has admired their website for some time, but never had the courage to order a Kringle, I was over the moon. I quickly responded with my choice of Kringle. I chose almond, because it is one of the most traditional flavors, and I'm a big fan of the taste of marzipan.

Review of Racine Danish Kringle

Review of Racine Danish Kringles

It arrived the next week, and I had been waiting all day for the delivery man to bring it. I followed the directions to allow it to set out at room temp before serving, and then we dug in. The Kringle, which is designed to serve 10-14 people, made a wonderful impression on my family of 8. We cut little pieces off it all afternoon, keeping the coffee warm for hours to enjoy with our decadent dessert.

Review of Racine Danish Kringle

Amazingly flaky layers, an awesome almond filling, a simple icing, and big chunks of almonds made this a taste to remember. My husband and I have already agreed that we will be ordering one for the holidays this Christmas. I think it's the perfect way to celebrate Jul. (I might also try a cheesecake or pecan one for Easter pÄskedag.

Review of Racine Danish Kringle

You can find all of the yummy treats the folks in Racine, Wisconsin (home of the Danish Kringle) have to offer at the Kringle.com. Find Racine Danish Kringles on Twitter and Facebook, too! (Thanks again for the yummy prize! Opinions are my own.)

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