Small Town Charm Eats: Flashbacks Bar & Grille

Headed back to my husband's stomping grounds in Ravenna, Nebraska, we knew we would need to feed the kids -- and fast. We stopped off for a quick bite to eat and some sodas at a little place on Main street called Flashbacks. This was a restaurant that was family owned, and it seemed like a clean place to fuel up and get the kids back on track after a very long, 5-hour drive.

Inside, it was apparent that this was a popular stop for the locals. There were tables set up and nice wooden booths toward the back. I was digging the nostalgic look. We ordered right away, as the kids were famished. We had a hot plate of fries to us in minutes -- which pleased my boys. We picked our choice of soda, and enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere. I was super pleased to see clean bathrooms, too!

With not much going on in a small town mid-week, it was so nice to know that we could order burgers, fries, and your typical bar food fare with no fuss and no wait. I enjoyed a big basket of fried mushroom with my diet cola. The kids were thrilled with their chicken strips and managed to finish off a few more large baskets of fries.

I really liked the high ceilings, big front windows, and airy feel. After being stuck in a car for a half a day, the friendly smiles, hot food, and room to stretch out was so appreciated. (And no one blinked when the boys decided to get the wiggles out with a little dance routine in the open space.)

Flashbacks Bar & Grille has since limited their service to catering only. But I wouldn't hesitate to order from them for an upcoming event. If their friendly service and clean establishment was any indication of their dedication to their customers, I would bet their catering service would impress, as well!

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