Groovy Lab in a Box Review

My kids love science. That's why I was happy to get 2 boxes to explore as part of a Groovy Lab in a Box review with our affiliate partners! But do these kits really offer an opportunity to learn? And can they be adapted to both a homeschool and a non-homeschool environment? See what we experienced and decide for yourself!

Groovy Lab in a Box Review

As with any subscription box type program, there are always concerns as to what you'll get. Many times it is hard for parents to justify buying things when they aren't sure exactly what is being sold to them. So, we'll start with a look inside the box. I have photos below of exactly how the boxes came to us:

Groovy Lab in a Box Review: Contents

The box on the left is one unopened. The box on the right is opened and things are pulled out just slightly to give you a feel for the fullness of the box. It was crammed with stuff.

Here are the materials laid out. As you can see, there is nothing in the box that is very expensive or proprietary. But, if you were to go out and buy the supplies yourself, it may not be much fun. I, for example, have no place to buy just one set of chopsticks where I live. The same goes for the color tablets. The fact that they have acquired quality products and have set it up so that you can get just what you need (who need 100 chopsticks) makes it a very affordable way to buy science supplies.

There is also a very detailed, high-quality instruction/project book. This is really what I think makes the program what it is. I am not a science teacher. I can get projects online or from a text-book, but this was very well-done and unique from anything I've seen before.

Groovy Lab in a Box Review: Learning

How does the program work? Unlike other science kits that have the kids do the activities and possibly answer a few comprehension or understanding questions, Groovy Lab in a Box is set up to facilitate life-long learning and a much bigger mission: problem solving. Yes, they do walk kids through experiments. Yes, there is a focus on core science principles and foundational STEM topics. But what I was super impressed with was the component that challenges kids to design their own projects at the end of the learning module. In "Here Comes the Sun", for example, they are taken through the experiments and then given the tools to come up with a way to solve a problem (in this case they must use only what is in the box to design and build a solar balloon, solar oven, conductivity tester, and a desalination plant. Pretty impressive, huh? 

Each challenge lays out criteria and constraints (the rules) and resources for additional guidance. Since the instruction booklet is also the lab notebook, the kids can use their notes to troubleshoot if their idea goes wrong.

Would I recommend Groovy Lab in a Box to parents and teachers? Yes!  I think that given the price point (which is less if you buy multiple boxes), you can expect days, weeks, and even months of continued discussion and excitement around the learning themes! Snag a subscription or try out a single box at the Groovy Lab in a Box store!